Care Packages

If your significant other is homesick or in need of small necessities, the best thing to do is send a care package. Send him/her a piece of your love and personality with decorated panels as a surprise for when they open it!

The first care package I sent my Infantryman is pictured above!

Our motto has always been, “9.3.12 & Forever To Go…” (9.3.12 being the date we officially became a couple) which is what I designed this care package around. “Forever To Go… Wherever You Go,” meaning no matter where each of us are located on the map, our motto doesn’t change. The side panels are decorated with some of our favorite pictures of us. 

Contents of package:

  • T-shirt and Hoodie- because he’s deprived of a nearby mall
  • Basketball shorts- for his trips to the basketball courts
  • His favorite snacks & candy- to put a smile on his face
  • Advil- for headaches, aches & pains after long, exhausting days
  • Axe cologne & deodorant- to freshen up after PT!
  • Camo fleece blanket- sprayed with my perfume so he can sleep soundly at night
  • A “Read Me First!” letter- to remind him how much I love & appreciate him.

He absolutely LOVED the care package when he received it and called me with such gratitude. He definitely gets called “spoiled” by all of his battle buddies now!

Thinking of sending a care package and need theme ideas? Here are some suggestions!

  • Personal motto or inside joke between you and your S.O.
  • Halloween; orange/black backgrounds, pumpkins, etc.
  • Family Holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.)
  • Birthday
  • Love > Distance; map background, hearts, etc.
  • Motivational quotes/pictures
  • Anniversary; pictures of you & your S.O. & loving words
  • His/her favorite sports team
  • His/her military branch
  • Cure for homesickness; pictures of family, friends & hometown
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Happy New Year
  • Get Well Soon; medicine, vitamins

WARNING: Do not put scented items in the same box as food, the food will absorb the scent and not taste the same!! Also, if packaging clothing, be careful with the use of glitter on your panels, its hard to get off of clothing material!

For more ideas and photos, please visit !

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